Getting your router to Tweet

Ok, so an earlier post sharing a really neat geek trick is awesome, but how the hell does one go about configuring a router to tweet something? (if you not a programmer)

To do it, you would need the following:

  • IOS image that supports EEM.
  • A twitter account.
  • A base64 encoded representation of you twitter account’s
  • Bruno’s twitter script. Download tweet-policy.tcl here.
  • The IP address of your nearest twitter server. (nslookup or dig will help you there)

The IOS obviously must support EEM.

Then once you have your twitter account, you need to encode your twitter account’s username:password to a base64 encoded representation.  Could be done using this website. Example:

        gives you

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Using TCL/EEM to tweet SYSLOG events

Staying in the focus of the previous article, this is one of those really cool features, but possible something that you won’t easily use in production. Or maybe you would!

How about taking your routers syslog events and sending them to a twitter account. That way you can easily keep on heights when something in your network goes really wonky.Why would you want to do this?  To have a publicly accessable syslog replacement, or just because you can!

Bruno Klauser from Cisco wrote a TCL script using EEM to tweet routers syslog messages to a twitter account.  Here is an example of one tweeting router:  EASyDMI.

If you want to use this or give it a try, download the script at Cisco Land, and see my post on how to configure this.