Cisco and their inconsistencies

Cisco is known for the inconsistencies between platforms and different IOS versions. I came across another that was rather annoying. Now between linecards.

Trying to configuring the following standard sub-interface Ethernet AToM tunnel on a Cisco 7606 with a ES+ linecard:

pseudowire-class CISCO
 encapsulation mpls
interface Te2/2.2
 encapsulation dot1Q 2
 no ip redirects
 no ip directed-broadcast
 no ip proxy-arp
 xconnect 12345 encap mpls pw-class CISCO

Yields the following misleading error…

7606(config)#int te2/2.2
7606(config-subif)# xconnect 12345 encap mpls pw-class CISCO
MPLS encap is not supported on this circuit

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