Study Guide feedback

This page lists the feedback received from some of the candidates that used the Routing-Bits handbooks while studying and preparing for the CCIE-RS or CCIE-SP.

Humphrey Cheung- (RouterGods)

Did a YouTube video review here.

Rakesh Madupu – (India)        CCIE #47613 &  JNCIE-SP # 2079

“I have cleared the exam and thank you for the support. R-bits handbook definitely helped in many ways. It seen a dream of over 3 years. Hands deployments on ASR9010 for about two years made me sort of more strong on IOS-XR platform but was loosing the config aspect of IOS, this is where this book came in very handy for revision.”

José Jara – (Spain)        2X CCIE #37132

The Routing Bits handbook helped me during the preparation for the SP track. It’s extremely useful for reviewing the configuration, verification and troubleshooting of all the relevant technologies involved in the lab. The Handbook has been fundamental in order to pass the lab in my first attempt and I’ll use it in the future for my work if I need to refresh any specific technology. Simply a must-have!”

Pablo Lucena  – (USA)        2X CCIE #38211

“Using Routing Bits Handbook for SP allowed to me more efficiently review topics during my studies. This handbook served as a great tool to touch up on topics that I had already covered, as well as previewing topics that I had not covered in detail yet. With pictorial, syntax, and design examples, I was able to solidify topics covered in the blue-print. The author goes into great detail on the subjects covered in a bullet point fashion, allowing me to absorb the information gradually. Having the location of where each topic is documented in the Doc-CD is another great asset of the handbook. This is a great book to keep on the go as well; having it loaded on my tablet and smartphone allowed me to review topics and keep them fresh in memory as I needed.  I highly recommend this handbook to anyone studying for the CCIE SP track! It is a great tool to enhance your studies.”

Darryl Akeung – (Guyana)        CCIE # 41612

Darryl is the first CCIE in his country – “The routing bits hand book has been a great help for me in achieving the CCIE. From time savings of finding the information on the DOC CD to learning where everything is on the DOC CD. The information is VERY concise and to the point. I would also recommend it as a great book to keep in the IT department, as fellow non CCIE candidates can benefit tremendously from it. Ruhann has always been there to provide any explanation I would have needed. Many thanks to Ruhann for putting the time and effort in compiling such a complete handbook for the CCIE R&S.  Looking forward to purchase the SP book as well.”

Kevon Roberts – (Trinidad and Tobago)        CCIE # 41389

Thank you for the email update. I really appreciate your efforts to update your amazing  products. I have both the RS and SP handbooks and use the SP extensively to prepare for and pass SP lab last Saturday. My CCIE number is 41389. Keep up the good work and hope to see more handbooks in other tracks.”

Sorin Platon – (Canada)        2x CCIE # 28841

I passed my SP on the 17th and your book was very useful during the revision. Both handbooks (RS and SP) i used them at work when i want to quickly very something, so bravo for a well done books”

Victor Holmin – (UK)        CCIE # 40910

Your Handbook absolutely made a difference in the way I studied and in passing the exam. Once I mastered all topics and technologies, it became an invaluable reference tool. The fact that it provides immediate access to sets of configurations along with a quick summary of the technologies is an incredible help. The Handbook helped me to shape my mindset at the time of approaching configurations tasks. This allowed me to be more efficient and improved my speed at the point that configuration steps for any technology flowed as a second nature”

Paul Blakeslee – (USA)        2x CCIE # 2197

Paul reactivated his number with a second CCIE: “I got my number back this past July!
Many thanks to you. Your fine product was most helpful.”

Somit Maloo – (India)        3x CCIE # 28603

Just wanted to tell you that I have cleared my 3rd CCIE i.e. SPv3 on first attempt on 21st Oct 13 and your notes helped me a lot. I studied your  notes extensively for my preparation for CCIE R&S and CCIE SPv3. Thanks again !”

Christian Biasibetti – (Italy)        CCIE # 39837

“The CCIE journey is long and intense, you must have a lot of determination and conviction to get to the finish line, but not enough.
It’s necessary to have the good material and effective way to learn the technology, in addition to Your job, your manual, is undoubtedly an element of the big puzzle. Thanks man.”

Christophe  – (France)      CCIE # 39620

“I bought the Handbook for the R&S Track last year and it was my companion during all my successful journey.
What I really appreciate was that I found a lot of explanations or configuration samples that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else, even on the Cisco website (Doc CD)! So I used it to study technologies and practice them during Lab session as a quick reminder. :-)”

Gian Paolo – (Italy)        CCIE # 38619

“I used the HandBook to review all the CCIE R&S blueprint topics for both written and lab exam, it really helped. Thank you.”

James Lepthien – (Germany)        CCIE # 39005

“I used your R&S book very frequently to refresh some of those commands that I missed during my studies. It is a great source and well packed with a lot of information!”

Gian Paolo – (Italy)        CCIE # 38619

“I used the HandBook to review all the CCIE R&S blueprint topics for both written and lab exam, it really helped. Thank you.”

David Rothera – (UK)        CCIE # 38338

“I used Ruhann’s R&S bits whilst studying for my CCIE R&S and found it an invaluable asset to my studying, all the material without the unnecessary rubbish from some other providers”

Nick A – (USA Arizona)       CCIE #37428

“A few days ago, I managed to finally pass my CCIE R&S after 2 attempts. I had heard about the routing-bits workbook a while ago and decided to give it a try.. after all I’m already in this for $4000+ .. what’s another $100? I purchased it and all I can say is “WOW!”. The information on here is fully available on the DOCCD but never have I seen it presented in such a clear and structured manner. It is EXTREMELY direct and to the point so it’s a perfect addition to your studies. The DOCCD locations are a very nice touch.. as useful as the DOCCD is, it’s not always the most intuitive documentation source.

Thank you very much Ruhann for creating such a wonderful guide, please don’t ever stop doing what you do. Thank you so much for answering my emails and giving me encouragement and wisdom along my journey. I look forward to purchasing your SP workbook soon!”

Mohammed Adil Siddiqui – (USA Illinois)

“As all professionals that pursue CCIE are aware (or should be), the CCIE lab (any track) is one of the toughest exams in the world. As such, there are many books and lab preparation resources available. One can spend years going through all the material and it can be overwhelming. The Routing Bits handbook contains key concepts and commands one needs to know to prepare for the CCIE exam in a summary format! Mr. Ruhann does a great job of keeping the notes concise and in an easy-to-follow format. I’ve worked in the field of Networking/Systems for almost 15 years and am planning to attempt the CCIE R&S lab in a few months. I will probably review the entire handbook twice just before the exam to review key concepts and commands. The RB Handbook is a great resource for both preparation as well as review before the exam. Thank you!”

Rohit Dhand – (USA California)

“I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that the Routing-bits R&S Handbook is an excellent product and very helpful not in my CCIE lab preparation but also in day-to-day network issues. I always recommend it to fellow engineers and students getting ready for the CCIE lab. Keep up the good work!”

Rodney Moodley – (South-Africa)       CCIE # 36536

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for an awesome product. I purchased the Routing-Bits Handbook “back in the day” and without doubt it has been integral to my success. The value of this product lies in it’s simplicity and the ability to truly study/revise anywhere, any time. It makes me even more proud knowing this a South African product. Thanks again and Much Blessings.”

Tom Kacprzynski – (USA Illinois)     CCIE # 36159

“I found your handbook as a crucial part for passing my CCIE RS. It was very well written, concise and practical.  I used it very frequency always referencing it.”

Dan Espino – (USA Washington)     CCIE # 36087

“To any who are wondering, this R/S text was a huge help in getting my CCIE. I have also used it many times since. Interviews (tx and rx; helps on both) , command reference, and now my first recert. Go buy it. If your not willing to take good advice, your in trouble.

A good friend at a bootcamp (also a CCIE now) recommended it. He was right.”

Grzegorz Wypych – (Poland)        CCIE # 35785

Mike Alston – (USA California)      CCIE # 34725

Drikus Brits – (South-Africa)      CCIE #34275

“About a week ago I went for my CCIE exam in the hopes of getting my unique number. I passed the lab and became the proud owner of CCIE # 34275. A lot of studying went into this exam, and would like to thank beautiful and understanding wife & 2 kids. They provided me with the time and motivation to push through and getting it done, and a huge thanks goes to the Almighty up above. Secondly, a huge thanks to Ruhann’s RB Handbook. I purchased them back in the day when the short-notes just started out, and it has proved invaluable time after time again. The following should sum it up :

INE Routing and Switching = $400
ipexpert Routing and Switching = $400
Other available Courses = $300
Ruhann’s R&S Handbook = Priceless”

Steve Di Bias – CCIE (USA Nevada)       CCIE #32840

Kevin Huang – (USA Pennsylvania)       CCIE#30969

The Routing-Bits book was very useful, in the sense that it provided a nice & organized way for me to review some key technologies, and how they can be implemented w/ examples of CLI commands. The bullet points style was an efficient way to get the points across, w/o useless info.

Carl Yost – (USA New York)         CCIE #30486

Jose Rivera- (USA New York)

Just want to share my thoughts regarding your book.By far the best buy I’ve done for CCIE books. (Including Cisco Press) It’s very easy to follow and comprehend.Great Job!”

Jarrod Daniel – (South-Africa)       CCIE#30080

I’ve had the privilege of working you and having immediate access to a knowledgeable individual has yourself is a benefit on its own. Thanks to you Ruhann, for your guidance and your notes which brought everything together the last 2-3 days before the exam. As always, concise and straight to the point.Your dedication and contribution to the CCIE world is invaluable and much appreciated.

Frank Hoban – (Ireland)       CCIE#29701

“I got my CCIE Number last week. During my studies I used your notes constantly and always had them open for doing quick recaps on various topics. You clearly went to great lengths to create them and you are helping a lot of people. Keep up the great work !”

Nicolas Michel – (France)       CCIE #29410

“The book is simply amazing. When I was doing some workbooks I was also reading the notes I printed and I carried them EVERYWHERE !!! There are so useful. You will always forget something and the notes will always be there when you need to remember the information. At the end, the notes will be burned into your head and I can now tell you every examples that Ruhann wrote in his notes. I was not sure about some of them so I labbed them and now I’m pretty confident with what I learn :) This products is definitely A MUST HAVE !”

Akshay Kumar  – (India)       CCIE#29043

“The book is amazing and very well organized which is helpful for the CCIE Lab preparation.”

Christopher Owens – (Australia)      CCIE #29044

“Just wanted to drop you a note to say that I am the proud owner of CCIE #29044 and I thought you’d like to know that the Routing Bits Handbook played a vital role in my studying. It was a perfect study guide for reinforcing the key items in the lead up to the exam, and it helped me feel a lot more comfortable going in to the exam itself.

Michael Nabutali – (Zambia)       CCIE #28640

“The routing bits handbook was my answer on this quest. Its compact but very detailed hence it was a vital tool on my path to become a CCIE.
The CCIE R/S booklist on the routing bits website was very crucial for me also. I did not know that the best QoS book was actually a professional level book by Wendel Odom. This was a major turning point for me because QoS was the greatest challenge I faced.
Thanks Ruhann for the excellent handbook and the awesome routing bits site posts. I strongly recommend the handbook for anyone who wants to pursue the CCIE for R/S.”

Somit Maloo – (India)      CCIE # 28603

“I have used Routing and Switching Handbook extensively during my preparation. I read it almost innumerable times. … Every time I go to bed, I used to read about 10-15 pages from the handbook to keep the technologies afresh in my mind. It was a very good refresher for me especially the config examples. They really boosted my configuration skills. And yes, I should mention about the Doc-CD locations; they are awesome. Doc-CD Locations really makes it easier for one to navigate and get to a technology page in Doc-CD without much efforts. All in all R&S handbook is like a mini-Doc CD which contains almost everything from basics to high-end technology concepts. I would recommend R&S Handbook to anyone preparing for the CCIE R&S Lab.”

Jay Taylor – (USA Ohio)    CCIE# 28391

“I like the way it’s laid out and it’s very easy to follow. The config examples so far are simple enough to follow in your head and still demonstrate the concepts. I really like the path to the DocCD listed for a lot of topics. Awesome set of notes that really helped my final review. I read over that 350pg guide over the course of 2 weeks before my lab and it really made me remember some things I had forgotten about. That is extremely helpful!

Robert Kosyluk – (USA Illinois)    CCIE #28368

“Its funny that at times there were topics that I did not find in the docCD right away (MPPE for example) and I would refer to the Handbook on where to find it in the docCD until I memorized it. Besides being very clear and concise, I loved the fact for every section you showed where it was in the docCD. Awesome!
And config sets too. Great! I thought of the handbook as a mini-docCD and loved it.   I would recommend the Routing-Bit Handbook to anyone going for the CCIE RS as the ultimate supplement!”

Pinak Hussain – (USA Virginia)   CCIE# 28167

“Your handbook really helped to pass the CCIE R/S in feb 2011 at San Jose. I am still at shock passing the exam which you know it’s a dream come true after all the hard work with extremely busy work schedule for over 18 months. Your handbook not only great for studying but also a great tool before a presentation front of a client or peers. I am looking forward your SP Version 3.0 and hopefully you do not stop with R/S, & S/P track, and you will go for other IE’s.Thanks again for wonderful product. Keep up the good work. “

Kaiser – (Australia)

“The handbook is awesome love it a lot and it is very useful not only for my preparation towards CCIE but also for day to day job as network engineer.”

Darrel – (USA Texas)

“I’ve been very pleased with the handbook. I haven’t gone through it cover to cover yet, but the chapters I have looked over have been very thorough.  The handbook compliments the INE material very well. The troubleshooting section with the show/debug commands with the options is very helpful in trimming down screen output. I plan to take the RS exam in early April, so your handbook will be contributing to that greatly in the next few weeks.”

Cyrus – (Singapore)

“Your handbook content is extremely extensive and what Mr. Configure has recommended with 5 ping scale, this is the best notes I ever have. Currently I am using the RS handbook for CCNP RnS preparation and will definitely use this guide to further pursue CCIE. Due to its concise nature it is easy to digest information from the book. Not only for studies the handbook works for me while at work. I am recommending my networking friends to get this book in their book shelf. “

Thabo Molefe – (South-Africa)   CCIE #27635

“I just want to thank you for your assistance in achieving my goal of obtaining the CCIE certification. I successfully passed the CCIE SP in Johannesburg last week. Your notes and the assistance on the certification are precise and I would recommend them to all other engineers who are pursuing the SP certification.

I hope to get the CCIE Routing-Bits handbook for R&S next year when I will be pursuing the certification. Thank you again Ruhann.”

Sasikumar Sadayan – (India)   CCIE #27312

“I  cleared my CCIE R&S this October 25th in Bangalore. Your R&S Routing-Bits Handbook was very helpful  and helped me a lot to get a quick snapshot of all the important topics in the exam. I browsed your book three or four times before  the lab exam.

I would preserve this short notes for my life time. Please keep up the good work and  I would recommend this to everyone. I want to use  this opportunity to thank my wife and kid  for their overwhelming support  in  getting this Certification.”

Youssef El Fathi – (France)    CCIE #27262

“I succeeded yesterday on my first attempt, thank you for notes I highly recommend it. Here are my thoughts :

Your handbook for RS is  essential because they help you to rescan all the technologies present in the blueprint and they are numerous. They served me personally during my summer vacation where I did not have access to the Internet, two months before the exam. I liked the direct links to the DocCD for each section as the configuration examples. I seriously recommend it as a compliment to practice workbooks as INE material.”

George – (US  Arizona)

“This is an excellent product that you have put out. A real time saver when it comes to studying anything Cisco. It was instrumental in studying for my BGP exam, towards CCIP certification.”

Carlos – (El Salvador)

“I’m very happy with your handbook, so far it have been very useful in my studies…
I’m still preparing for the lab and your book help me to recall all the topics and keep the information fresh in my mind.”

Habtamu – (US Texas)

“Thank you for your hard work and  sending us updates.  This is a great addition to my reading on preparing for CCIE.”

Anthony – (Czech Republic)

“I found this very useful and use it very often as a quick reference.
Please keep the good work going.”

Alastair – (UK)

“Your Short-Notes have become an invaluable ‘first-aid’ to the INE training program.
I have been recommending these short-notes to all my CCIE wannabe friends/colleagues.”

Michail  – (Russia)

“Your Short-Notes is really useful and like brief encyclopedia. Thank you!”

Matthew Smith – (US)     CCIE #26439

“Hey – just wanted to say thanks for your awesome short notes. They certainly helped to get me over the hump and is perfect material for the day before the exam. This book will remain on my desk for years to come. Best of luck and thanks again!”

John P – (US Ohio)

“Thanks for the file . If the rest of the notes are as good as the 3 demo chapters, this’ll be the best 88 bucks I’ve spent in a while!”

John C – (US Illinois)

“This is a great product, and good value as priced and I’ve recommended it to several of my peers.  I look forward to your new version.”

S Mahmood – (US New York)

“This is very professional attitude, I am pleased with it. You are awesome as your notes.”

Hendry – (England)

“I’m very happy that I purchased your notes as they are not just a good study aid, but also a great reference and aide memoir for day to day things that you sometimes forget.”

Veshen – (India)

“I cannot say thank u enough because I dont have a word to express my happiness. Today I had a interview and by using this notes I did well.”

Peter – (Australia)

“I use your Short Notes everyday. Before, during and after studying a topic, I use your short notes as an overview of the topic and I always go back to your short notes when I need to remember a command. Everyday I’m impressed with the amount of detail you have in your short notes and I love the DocCD section in each topic, so far I have printed out a few copies of the short notes and I’ve added them to all of the bathrooms in the house ;-)”

Cody – (US Pennsylvania)

“I love the short notes…  If you already have a solid base and just want to refresh on everything these work out great.  I wish I had more time over the past couple of months to review more.”

Ralph – (US New York)

“This by far the most concise and comprehensive study aid that I have used to date.”

Jochen – (Germany)

“The Short-Notes are great. I use them to wrap up topics and to relearn things I forget.”

Chris  – (Australia)

“Your CCIE R&S notes are amazing!!! I can imagine how much work went into creating them!  I enjoy using them and will one day get my number! Thanks”

George –  (Kenia)

“I’m very happy with the short notes. Having made 1 lab attempt, I find much (if not all) of what is discussed in your summary notes quite helpful. It basically condenses what I would have had to scour through multiple  books and Doc CD to find, into 325 pages – quite a time saver. I am confident that, with this book, and time-practice, my next lab attempt will be my final attempt.”

Paul C – (US Alabama)

“I’ve really gotten a lot out of the RB Handbook and I like the format. Thanks for this, it’s really supplemented my studies.”

Sorin Platon – (Canada)

“Thanks for the excellent product.  It is the revision bible”

Kevin – (England)

“The R&S Short Notes you have created is really excellent.  I try and read it every day for my study.”

Dhrumil – (Canada)

“The shortnotes are amazing. They are very handy especially when I am doing practice labs.  So far these notes are of a great help.”

Abdul – (Saudi Arabia)

“I would like to thank you about this valuable, accurate and nice-format notes. I feel that it’s not fair if I don’t appreciate your work on this notes, and how it’s very helpful in our CCIE lab preparation.

Nathaniel T Lee – (US Minnesota)      CCIE#25975

“I am keeping Short-Notes close by my desk as a handy reference as I believe that they will have a practical use outside of the lab.”

Sam – (US Texas)

“This book is great, I used it yesterday to prepare for an interview and I’m confident I got the job. Thank you. Keep it up.”

Thaneem – (Dubai)

“This was the one I was waiting for long! Really appreciate your effort behind this. You have nicely documented each bits of RS in this master piece.”

Jake – (US California)

“Call me a very satisfied customer. I love the way that you present the notes, almost like a study aid we call flash cards, and for the theory items that require memorization or at least great familiarity, they are invaluable. Also very helpful are the ‘gotchas’ that you point out, which even Experts can sometimes forget. To have them in notes as a refresher is a great help.
In short, I would recommend your short notes to anyone.”

Terry –  (US)

“Info seems to be dead on….A lot of info crammed into only 300 pages and it doesn’t seem as though
you lost much of the important content. That’s impressive.”

Lestrod Gould- (US Texas)

“Your Short-Notes has been a tremendous help in my studies. I use it all the time to help with areas I am a little weak in and to solidify areas I am good at.”

Sajid – (New York)

“Honestly speaking, your Short-Notes are the most organised book. Not only that it covers the whole blueprint but it is a very good tool for my day to day work.
These notes are definitely the result of good work and research as there are many concepts that one may not find in a work book.
Thanks for such a good material..”

Shashank – (India)

“I am quite happy with the stuff you put across. I use Internetwork Expert material , your short notes is good add on. I stopped preparing notes these days :)..”

Jeff Pazahanick – (US)         CCIE #25966

“Ruhann, I passed yesterday!  Your product was a great overall review for me. I read it on the plane ride to San Jose and it helped keep everything fresh.  I can tell you put a great deal of effort into it.  Thanks again,”

Daniel Loughlin- (US)       CCIE #25965

“Thanks Ruhann. I passed the v4 test today in San Jose. I’m CCIE#25965
Thanks so much for your wonderful product.”

Darby Weaver – (US)

“You have a very good “CCIE Bootcamp in a Book”…

Humphrey Cheung- (US)

“Thanks for the updated notes.  These are really great and they are one of my main ways to study for the CCIE test.  I’ve already read the Doyle books and now going through INE’s stuff.  Every day, I go back to your notes and review a different section to stay fresh.”

Bryan – (US)

“Over 300 pages and chalk to the brim with the V4 blueprint.  It is not only good for the theory, but also is a great combination between the theory and config. Every chapter is just as clear and cut. If there is one thing worth paying money for with combining both theory and config…this is it. “

Shankar – (India)

“It is deceptive how much work is covered in the 300 pages.  So much complete information. Thank you”

Bradley – (US)

“Your material is brilliant thanks so much, you should market it a bit more I only found out about it by accident!”

Christian – (US)

“WOW, just wanted to say thanks for creating these great notes.  Everything is organized so well and the notes are clear and concise.  Best money I’ve spent in a long time.”

Warren – (AUS)

“Really good stuff. Thanks for the cool guide. Just passed my written. It helped a lot! “

Jarrod Daniel (SA)

“I’ve just completed the bridging and switching chapter and I must say there is not one topic that is not covered extensively and in-depth which corner case scenarios clearly pointed out. This is exactly what is needed to fast-track studies for an exam like this.

What I really enjoy, is the concise manner in which everything is done, making it easy to brush up on all topics – quickly. Like a cram module.”

Eugene Bezuidenhout (South-Africa)    CCIE #25389

“I passed my R&S on the first attempt. It is so much work to get through and in your head. Your book is so neccesary to keep it all together. I loved the format. Honestly, without your help and notes I would not have made it! Now time to play some golf :)”

Daniel Scot (US)

“You really should be the guy writing the quicksheets products for CiscoPress. Your product is much better than the quicksheets I purchased from Cisco, a year ago.”

Colin Barlet (Scotland)

“I think the book is perfect . Every thing the way I like. Just recommended it to a friend.”

Nick Treasure (South-Africa)   CCIE #24561

“Sup fellow network god. I passed yesterday in Dubai. The exam was easy thanks to your holygrail of networking. Thanks a million :)”


9 thoughts on “Study Guide feedback

  1. You are my hero buddy. Your notes are really like a full dose of more than anyone’s bootcamp.

    “CCIE Bootcamp, urr… CCIE Bootcamps… in a Book”

    Darby Weaver

    And yes, I have to agree your notes are spot on for Version 4.0 OEQ and Troubleshooting too…

    Excellent work!

  2. Hei Ruhann,

    You are a real star! I am walking through the shortnotes and I have only nice words about it. The way you present it is simply amazing.

    Thameem Maranveetil Parambath, Dubai UAE

  3. I came across your blog through another blog where it gave you a 5 star for CCIE reference materials, how can I buy your short-notes?


  4. Emazing stuff, brilliant MPLS VPN section, you’re real engineer with passion, your name is your Routing Bits book. I hope so it will help me be better engineer not just pass CCIE exam.

    Grzegorz Wypych

  5. Akshay Kumar – CCIE#29043

    The book is amazing and very well organized which is helpfull for the CCIE Lab preparation.

  6. This book is best companion for revision of concepts as you prepare for exam and plays a vital tool when revising during last week of lab exam.

  7. Used this book to pass the written CCIE R&S exam. It was very useful. Now preparing the lab :D

  8. I use the RS handbook for not only my CCIE studies but also for as a command reference for everyday use. Now the release of SP, I am looking forward to seeing the new IOS-XR sections along with core SP topics.

  9. Well organized notes and covers the crucial details required in mastering these subjects.

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