Scott Morris

While searching for CCIE jokes, I found an old forum thread at Cisco Learning network containing jokes about the man, the legend, the hex-translator, the missing E-bit(evil) : Scott Morris.

Here are some of the jokes I think is pretty funny:

  • Scott Morris once planned a cross-country trip using a Route Map!
  • Scott Morris plays a rather unique instrument called the ISAKMP!
  • Every VPN is an EasyVPN for Scott Morris!
  • When Scott Morris was four years old he was putting together OSI models!
  • Scott Morris’ home wireless network runs on brain waves!
  • Scott Morris slayed the Kerberos daemon.
  • Scott Morris’s driver’s license is a PDF!
  • If you doubt Scott Morris just sh Scott | s certification
  • There are no hidden IOS commands. Only those Scott Morris chooses not to look at!
  • Scott Morris has counted to pi.. twice!
  • Normal people teach their dogs to fetch. Scott Morris taught his dog to route.
  • Morpheus was searching for Scott Morris!
  • Scott Morris doesn’t have a steering wheel in his car. He has a CLI!
  • Scott Morris found Waldo in an extended access control list!
  • Scott Morris is actually an undercover SNMP Agent!

My favourite three are :

  • Scott Morris ran track in high school and always won the 100 meter frame relay!
  • He taught his dog to ARP!    arp, arp, arp, arp.
  • MD5 : Morris Digests 5 CCIE’s for breakfast!