Nexus defaults to PAP authentication

Ever configured a Nexus switch to use AAA to query a Tacacs+ server? Had some troubles applying standard IOS config to NX-OS?

Possibly if your Tacacs+ server is configured to only allow PAM (Password Authentication Manager) authentication for the users. See when a NX-OS switch sends a AAA authentication packet, by default it is encapsulated using PAP encoding. This is in contrast to normal IOS devices, that use PAM encoding by default.

To illustrate I used the following config:

ip tacacs source-interface mgmt0
tacacs-server host key password
aaa group server tacacs+ TAC
use-vrf management
source-interface mgmt0
aaa authentication login default group TAC
aaa authorization config-commands default group TAC
aaa authorization commands default group TAC
aaa accounting default group TAC

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Troubleshooting random Nexus reboots

November last year, a pair of Cisco Nexus 5010 switches, suddenly started rebooting randomly without user intervention.  Since these boxes were a front to a VM environment, stability were of urgent concern. But in order to stabilize the environment, the root cause of the reboots had to be isolated, and quickly.

The Cisco Nexus platform might not be as mature as many would like, but it is quickly becoming a very needed switch in Next-Generation datacenters. Of the things I like most about the Nexus boxes are the readily available local reporting and intuitive system checks.  Obviously there are many other features which is making the platform so popular. I’ll cover some of these in time.

Coming back to the rebooting issue. Unlike IOS devices that looses all local logging info, unless a crash dump was saved to NVRAM, the Nexus writes most of its log information to disk. Thus even after the reboot, you have all the information.
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