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Ruhann is the husband of a beautiful wife, CCIE of two tracks (R&S and SP), and father of four energizing kids (3 grunts and a princess).

Beyond the passion for his loving family, he enjoys building and breaking networks and data centers, has a strange like for blogging,  affinity to write nonsense, a cruel love for gaming and tends to enjoy almost anything geek related. Yip, he is a boneheaded geek. The few close to him still struggle with it…him.

Ruhann proved his insanity and the perseverance of his marriage by passing both the CCIE-RS and CCIE-SP on first attempt. Was bit of a gamble what might have happened, if he failed.  He passed using 100’s of pages with terrible scribbling what has since been developed into the Routing-Bits Handbooks. Feel free to have a look, it has a few pictures in it.

His experience extends from designing/supporting large MPLS VPN networks, intra/inter-AS routing, large data centers, building PoPs in far-away places and the odd geek skill.  If you really bored read through the Routing-Bits blog, you might find some helpful networking tips.

The content on Routing-Bits blog is aimed to assist candidates studying towards a big bad IE, and assist those engineers working in the real world. Ruhann usually tries to keep the contents of routing-bits.com as accurate and correct as possible, but if he fails to do so, feel free to shout at him over email.

Alternatively please share know your views, questions, requests and feedback either via blog comments or email blog@routing-bits.com.

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