Its playtime. I am fortunate enough to have the following unboxed and at my disposal for some time.


It is two Cisco Nexus 7010 chassis, meant for a another new 10Gb DC coming online soon.
Each comprise of the following configuration:

  • 2x SUP-1’s: First generation Supervisor.
  • 3x FAB-1: Cross connect Fabric card module.
  • 2x N7K-M132XP: M1-Series 32-Port 1/10Gb Ethernet Module, 80Gb Fabric.
  • 1x N7K-M148GS: M1-Series 48-Port 1Gb Ethernet Modules, 46Gb Fabric.

The the other switches are:

  • 2x Nexus 5010’s
  • 2x Nexus 2224TP (Fabric Extender)
  • 3x Catalyst 3750G
  • 1x Lost Catalyst 2960.

Unfortunately I do not have a F1 series linecard, it would be interesting testing Cisco FabricPath, but I can test OTV (Overlay Transport Virtualization). The messy cable configuration was done for that exact purpose, to test OTV. ;D

So in the next couple days I will cover the theory, configuration, pro’s and con’s of using OTV as a DCI (Data Center Interconnect).


9 thoughts on “Playtime

  1. 2x N7K-M132XP: M1-Series 32-Port 1/10Gb Ethernet Module, 80Gb Fabric

    How could you get 1 Gb port on this card?

    N7010B-Dist(config)# int eth 1/26
    N7010B-Dist(config-if)# speed 1000
    ERROR: Ethernet1/26: Configuration does not match the port capability.

    N7010B-Dist(config-if)# show mod 1
    Mod Ports Module-Type Model Status
    — —– ———————————– —————— ———-
    1 32 10 Gbps Ethernet Module N7K-M132XP-12 ok

    Mod Sw Hw
    — ————– ——
    1 5.2(1) 2.0

    Mod Online Diag Status
    — ——————
    1 Pass

    Chassis Ejector Support: Enabled
    Ejector Status:
    Top ejector CLOSE, Bottom ejector CLOSE, Module HW does support ejector based shutdown.

  2. N7010B-Dist(config-if)# sh int eth 1/26 capabilities
    Model: N7K-M132XP-12
    Type (SFP capable): 10Gbase-(unknown)
    Speed: 10000
    Duplex: full
    Trunk encap. type: 802.1Q
    Channel: yes
    Broadcast suppression: percentage(0-100)
    Flowcontrol: rx-(off/on),tx-(off/on)
    Rate mode: dedicated/shared
    QOS scheduling: rx-(8q2t),tx-(1p7q4t)
    CoS rewrite: yes
    ToS rewrite: yes
    SPAN: yes
    UDLD: yes
    Link Debounce: yes
    Link Debounce Time: yes
    MDIX: no
    Pvlan Trunk capable: yes
    Port Group Members: 26,28,30,32
    TDR capable: no
    FabricPath capable: no
    Port mode: Routed,Switched
    FEX Fabric: yes
    dot1Q-tunnel mode: yes

    1. Hello
      That is a 10Gbe linecard only.
      The ‘show int cap’ illustrates that the port can only connect at 10Gbe:
      “Speed: 10000”

      For 1Gbe ports you would need the 48-port 1Gbe linecard.
      hth :)

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