Output101- sh run vrf

Now that the hard work is behind me, the awesome holiday has past, I can finally get back to all the outstanding fun stuff. That said I have some good half completed posts are on the way :)

I came across the following command browsing the DOC-CD a couple months back, and I have used it ever since.

sh run vrf [vrf-name]

The show running vrf feature provides the option to display a subset of the running configuration on a router that is linked to a VRF instance. It can be used to display the configuration of a specific VRF or of all VRFs configured on a router. The command is unfortunately only available on the more recent IOS versions, but if available makes life easy.

Example output showing all related VRF-BOB configuration:

PE-Router# show run vrf BOB
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 604 bytes
ip vrf BOB
 rd 100:3
 route-target export 100:3
 route-target import 100:3
 maximum routes 3000 100
ip route vrf BOB global
interface Loopback0
 ip vrf forwarding BOB
 ip address
interface FastEthernet0/0
 ip vrf forwarding BOB
 ip address
 no ip redirects
 duplex half
router ospf 101 vrf BOB
 area 1 sham-link cost 10
 network area 1
router bgp 100
address-family ipv4 vrf BOB
 redistribute connected
 redistribute ospf 101 match external 1 external 2
 no auto-summary
 no synchronization

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