Top Talkers

Every quickly wanted to see the current top-talkers on a link?
Who that culprit is, that is using all the bandwidth?

Although you can use normal netflow output to work that out using the packet count or by using some external cache-flow interpreter, it is much easier to just enable netflow top-talkers.

To enable and enter top-talkers configuration mode:
(config)#ip flow-top-talkers

You can then specify amount of top-talkers and your sorting preference either by packets or bytes.
(config-flow-top-talkers)#top {number of top-talkers}
(config-flow-top-talkers)#sort-by packets|bytes

Lastly you can configure additional filters to narrow your search selection as per these ‘match’ options:

Then issue the command the see the top-talkers
#show ip flow top-talkers

An example of the output based on my configuration: (Spot how quickly YouTube uses a 170MB)


2 thoughts on “Top Talkers

    1. Hmm, yeah, most of the core platforms dont support this. One would assume it is for CPU protection. But this should really be done on the Edge if you think about it.

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