R&S Quick Notes – Security & IP Services


  • Know how to use extended access-lists in distribute-lists, see Brian McGahan article @INE.
  • Know how to use extended access-lists instead of prefix-lists, see Brian Dennis article @ INE.
  • Know your binary voodoo as Scott Morris @ INE calls it,  PartI & PartII.
  • Dont forget to allow IGP’s, BGP, Multicast , IPv6 and any other needed protocols when adding ACL to a interface.
  • Know when to use the “established” keyword.
  • When matching Multicast traffic in a extended ACL, remember that Multicast traffic can NEVER be a source.
  • Allowing Telnet to a local router on a port other then 23: Option 1- Rotary command or Option 2- Port NAT.
  • NBAR can be used if you not forbidden from using ACL’s.  You can also map undefined custom ports with “ip nbar port-map custom”
  • Dynamic ACL time-outs specified in the acl:  “dynamic NAME timeout {x} permit tcp any any eq 80”.
  • When configuring SSH, don’t forget to specify a Domain-name and generate your RSA keys.


  • “no service config” – Disables the router from auto-answering for tftp config files
  • WCCP uses udp port 2048 and protcol 47-GRE
  • If talk about router discovery > IRDP
  • DNS server config : “ip dns server” & “ip host”
  • DNS client config : “ip domain-lookup” & “ip name-server”
  • DHCP stands for Dont Hit Computer People
  • DHCP option-82 = dhcp-relay.
  • DHCP option-66 = Hand out IP address off TFTP server
  • When configuring DHCP and earlier in the swithcing section you configured DHCP snooping you must enable the port connecting to the DHCP server as trusted.
  • Incase DHCP was configured you need either “no ip dhcp snooping info option” on the switch OR “ip dhcp relay information trust” on the dhcp router.
  • HSRP timers only need to be configure on one of the participating routers.
  • HSRP uses UDP port 1984.
  • When using HSRP with earlier configured port-security, you might need to allow you HSRP MAC 0000.0c07.acxx – where XX is the group number in hex.

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    Great! Can i copy these shortnotes to my site, i just want to share it with others, and i will indicate the author(How can i call you?).Thank you in advance.


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