R&S Quick Notes – BGP


  • When using Communities, don’t forget “neighbor send-community”
  • Know your attributes and the direction which applied, when to used what.
  • “aggregate address” needs a more specific prefix in the BGP table for aggregate to be advertised.
  • Synchronization issue has 3 solutions, 1- Load BGP on all transit routers, 2- GRE tunnel, 3- Redistribution BGP>IGP.
  • “no bgp nexthop trigger” – Disables next-hop tracking between scanner intervals.
  • “no bgp fast-ext-fallover” – Force the router to wait for the dead-timer to expire, before generating notification messages , when a connected peer goes down.
  • “neighbor fall-over” – Will check neighbor connenctivity between scanner intervals, aka BGP Fast Peering.
  • Only the Holdtime is sent in update-msg. Two neighbors will use the lowest holdtime and then calculate the keepalive from that.
  • Know your Regular Expressions
  • Know the difference between Peer-Groups and Peer-Templates

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