Hung/Orphaned telnet sessions

If you have had your reverse telnet sessions timeout, or your remote connection lost, you might have come across the following error when trying to reconnect:

Translating "sw1"
Trying R1 (, 2002)...
% Connection refused by remote host


The happens because the sessions according to the router is still active and the inactive timeout has not yet expired. To fix this is easy, using the show line command you will see the active sessions marked with a “*”, like below:



In order to reconnect, you have to release the current active/orphaned sessions. Use the clear line {line number} command referencing the output from above.
IETS#clear line 2

IETS#clear line 3


Then once all the orphaned sessions are closed, you will be able to connect again.

Translating "sw1"
Trying SW1 (, 2002)... Open

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2 thoughts on “Hung/Orphaned telnet sessions

    1. OMW, I am honored.
      You are 100% right, that would a better work around to connection problem, but there are still times when you need or want to kill all the active sessions on the fly :).
      About your number, I suppose it is a bit geek but why I think your number is the coolest, 1337 is short for ELITE in Leetspeak, often used and synonymous in Internet communities with prestige and accreditation(ie non-NOOB).
      Thanks & Regards ;)

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