Ever wondered who the kings of the CCIE Mountain in Cisco Land are?

To achieve 3 CCIE’s is a remarkable achievement. Although there are a handful of Quadruple CCIE , I would like to mention the following four. Let me know if you would add another and the reason.

Quadruple CCIE’s:

4713 Scott Morris R&S, ISP-Dial, Security, SP
8763 Marius Holmsen R&S, Security, SP, Storage
16379 Petr Lapukhov R&S, Security, SP, Voice
  • Scott Morris – is very well known, not only for his training abilities, but also for his uber lab and his extraordinary resume. He recently joined the power house of CCIE training, Internetwork Expert. In addition to being a QUAD CCIE, Scott also holds CISSP, 2x JNCIE, and since December 2009, a CCDE. The only thing left for Scott is the Cisco Architect.
  • Marius Holmsen – distinguished himself by being the first person to acquire 3 CCIE certifications in one year.
  • Petr Lapukhov – one of the few to acquire 4 CCIE certifications in less than 2 years, at intervals of 5/6 months.

Quintuple CCIE’s:

2210 Brian Dennis R&S, ISP Dial, Security, SP, Voice
3263 Tom Glennon R&S, ISP Dial, WAN, SP, Security
4460 Dmitry Bokotey R&S, ISP-Dial, Security, SP, Storage
5672 Richard Davis R&S, SP, Security, Voice, Storage
5916 Mason Harris R&S, SNA IP, ISP-Dial, SP, Security
7664 Takanori Matsui R&S, SP, Security, Storage, Voice
7707 Tarun Pahuja R&S, Security, SP, Voice, Storage
12303 Chang-Min Kim R&S, SP, Security, Voice, Storage
14795 Yoshinori Okayama R&S, Voice, Security, SP, Storage
  • Brian Dennis – is definitely one of the top CCIE’s in my humble opinion. Besides having acquired 5 CCIE certifications, he has been a CCIE for more than 10 years. Brian is very well-known for his brilliant ability to explain the most complicated technologies. When Brian talks, it’s just pure knowledge and experience!
  • Tom Glennon – Was the second person to acquire 5 CCIE certifications.

Sextuple CCIE’s (The Dukes of the CCIE Mountain)

4110 Michael Purcell R&S, ISP-Dial, SNA-IP, Security, SP, Voice
4699 Noritaka Tamehisa R&S, Security, SP, Voice, Storage,Wifi
5531 Michael Crane R&S, Security, SP, Voice, Storage, DC
7927 Roman Rodichev R&S, Security, Voice, Storage, SP, Wifi
14533 Matthew White
R&S, Security, SP, Voice, Storage, Wifi
  • Michael Purcell was the first person to acquire 6 CCIE certifications on the older tracks. 
  • Roman Rodichev passed his 6th CCIE on the 28 July 2009 making him only the second person to have 6. HUGE achievement, for someone who is not even 30 yet.
  • Noritaka Tamehisa prefers doing a new CCIE track to re-certify, since the drake is apparently just to easy!
  • Michael Crane has done 68 Cisco certification since 1996 to get to this point, talk about commitment!
  • Matthew White did 6 CCIE’s in less than 5 years!

Septuple CCIE’s (The King of the CCIE Mountain)

10044 Neil Moore R&S, Security, SP, Voice, Storage, Wifi , DC
  • Niel Moore is the first person to obtain 7 different CCIE’s. This is remarkable. Well done indeed!!

I would also like to mention the following CCIE’s :

1025 Stuart Biggs Routing and Switching
1026 Terrance Slattery Routing and Switching
1337 Jerzy Sliwinski Routing and Switching
12410 Narbik Kocharians R&S, Security, and SP
  • Stuart Biggs – The creator of what most strive to obtain, deserves the necessary credit due to him.
  • Terence Slattery – The Alpha CCIE.
  • Jerzy Sliwinski – Has the coolest CCIE number.
  • Narbik Kocharians –  passed his security CCIE 21 days after passing his R&S CCIE. No matter how you look at that, that is impressive!

NOTE: This post was originally created in 2008. I have not been actively updating it unless someone with the relevant missing info contacted me. I am sure there are CCIE’s missing on this list today. If you are or know of a quintuple/sextuple, please feel free to contact me.


15 thoughts on “Top CCIEs

  1. quick question: do these quad/quintuple guys work in real production environments or are they stuck in lab-life(giving classes or something)?

  2. Thank you for the comments. I am now challenging the last CCIE, SP operations. But it’s difficult for me. Because my weak point is …. English!

    1. This post is dated 2008. Back then I did the relevant research to find the sextupple ccie’s. This post now only gets updated when a new sextupple ccie mails me. I received a mail from Mr Moore himself and verified his details. Niel passed on the 16-Jun.

  3. Hi, Marius Holmsen is a Quintuple CCIE, beeing the first person to pass the CCIE Datacenter..

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